toothbrush corporate photography branding new invention

Dental Implant? Porcelain Veneers? Dentures? Bad Breath? TRU FLOSS has got you covered. We have
the most effective treatment for you.
Besides Tru Floss being a healthier option for Dental/Oral Medical care, it is also a preventive measure
for PULMONARY, PNEUMONIA (in the hospital settings), KIDNEY, LIVER and HEART issues. Not to
mention, it’s very COOL !!!!!!!!

We also have glow in the dark paste that appeals to the kids. This promotes Flossing as an adolescence,
which will illuminate the areas that TRU FLOSS penetrates and cleans. A Healthy mouth = A Healthy

Hey, let us not forget about our FURY FRIENDS. IF your fury baby has the temperament to let you floss
their teeth, they can be TRU FLOSSERS. Any HUMAN/ANIMAL that has teeth can TRU FLOSS. We are in
the PET SPACE as well. Veterinary hospitals are currently treating pets with TRU FLOSS TECHNOLOGY.
Tru Floss will make every mouth feel much FRESHER.